Post No: 489982 September 10, 2012, 05:22AM
jdavid wrote:

FLKI stock has only suffered because of an erroneous perception that its performance is directly linked to the Euro. As such Investors have made the stock a play on the Euro driving the price down to barely a third of net book value, and the PPS ration to 50% !

Moody's revised its outlook on the EU to "negative" from "stable" The ECB came out strong with a commitment to buy unlimited amounts of short-term bonds from euro countries that request help.

As improving sentiment on the Euro which has simply been an excuse to drive the stock to 30% of its book value reverses. Book value is 10+ cents per share. The stock currently trades at .0264, just a return to book will reward an investor with a 378% return !

At present perceptions the stock is a bet on the Euro. Fundamentals are excellent do your DD and see if you agree with me.

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