Post No: 378192 October 09, 2007, 01:51PM
Guest wrote:

I knew Chaz Haba years ago. I used to work for him during the early 1980s at Haba Systems in Van Nuys. I can assure everyone that he is an extremely incompetent manager, and a fraud as well. âœPoor❠is almost too generous a rating. At Haba Systems he never really did anything that could be considered work. I wouldnât even say that he really managed the company. That was left to Tim Cave, Ron Debry and another fellow. I never considered these people as being very competent either. Chaz would come in to the office late in the morning and leave by mid-afternoon. While there he would simply gab with his managers and have meetings. Often, he didnât come in to the office at all. He simply was not involved in the management of the company in any meaningful way.

From what I could see, Chazâ method was to use minimal investment and resources to develop a cheap product, and then put it out on the market. He would then market it as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Customers and retailers would realize they had been ripped off. We had a lot of angry buyers to deal with.

I remember conferences in which Chaz would talk about how was in the process of taking over the software industry. However, he really did not know what he was doing. He didnât have a clue. But to hear him tell it, Haba Systems was the next MicroSoft.

The way Chaz promoted his company to investors was similar to what he did with product. He would hype his company as the greatest investment opportunity since Henry Ford started the Ford automobile company. But to my knowledge, investors always lost their money. Chaz is very skillful in promoting himself and his company. But it never pans out the way he says it will.

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