Post No: 123042 November 14, 2007, 04:47AM
Guest wrote:

/***************************PROBLEM !!!***********************

Thank you Mr Tomoyasu Kato for your great successful piece of
software (Flashcalc) hoping for you more achievements.
I'am from Algeria and i have been using your flashcalc for eight months
But compared with your (soroban) software, i think it is limited to "addition" which
Is quite disappointing for such well designed software.
On the internet there is a lot of softwares dedicated to mental arithmetics that can
Deal with the four basic operations ( +, - , * , / ) (like the Very successful Speed math of Jimmy Ruska) but all of them are inefficient because they request that you Type the answer in an edit box which is not the case of your eye candy flashcalc that is customizable , gives the Answer with a click of mouse with almost perfection .
So Please consider to add the other operations ( -, * ,: ) but don't touch the interface it is simply Beautiful and sweet.
P.S i will every day visit your website to check if it is done so please do all what it take to make it ready because i am your fun.

Mohamed El-Amine.

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