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YGE=UP because it repaid $110ml debt on 10/13/15
(SOURCE:, Type in YGE, Read the 10/13/15 PR)
BAODING, China, Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited ("Yingli Green Energy" or "the Company") (YGE), one of the world's leading solar panel manufacturers, today announced that its holding subsidiary, Baoding Tianwei Yingli New Energy Company Limited ("Tianwei Yingli"), has substantially repaid the Mid-Term Notes ("MTNs") due today, which was previously restructured to be paid by the end of 2015. Approximately 70% of the MTNs including interest totaling $110 million USD .

YGE is a NYSE stock, NOT an OTC stock.

YGE is a solar energy company. It owns four(4) solar panel manufacturing facilities.

Its website is, visit its website, clicking on "products" to views its manufacturing facilities.
BUY YGE to profit.

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