Post No: 627051 June 24, 2015, 03:09PM
Guest wrote:

Telco Cuba(SUGO) is a good "U.S.-Cuba" telecom stock, BUY to Profit from the NEW U.S-Cuba relations.(For more information, Go to, Type in SUGO, Read the 6/15, the 6/16 and 6/23 Pr/NEWS. CLick on the links located in the Pr to view)

Telco Cuba(SUGO)6/23 Conference Call was GOOD.(Source:, Read the 6/18 PR)
Telco Cuba(SUGO) is applying for
1)FCC license
2)OFAC license to do business in Cuba
(SOURCE:, Type in SUGO, Read the 6/16 PR, Click on the LINKS located in the PR to view its website)

SUGO continues going UP higher. US/Cuba sector is hot, super hot.
Telco Cuba(SUGO) is a strong buy

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