Post No: 239562 November 10, 2009, 04:44AM
Guest wrote:

I have purchased SVIO as well.
Started with Richmond and all over sudden it is moved to Global International Trading.
My “broker” is Michael Stone.

All the postings are similar what I experienced.
Have to by batches of 10000 in order to sell and so on.
The promise continued that the Purchase is done in 3 -4 business days and the “promised money” will on my account.

The same story happened 2 times and obviously nothing happened or other stupid excuses came which results in zero money have been transacted so far.

The up to date story is now that somebody wants to purchase 51% of SVIO and than restructure the company. Ones the 51% achieved, than the other 49% were kind of worthless.
I told him that I am happy to sell them my shares….but of course is not that easy….the new idea is to transfer a sum of 10% called “return of bond” or something like that….in order to do this purchase.

It took my a long time to realize that this is a fraud and I consider my money as gone.

But I am expecting a phone call tomorrow about the decision of purchasing this 10% and I want to screw him so much as I can….. any advice?

I want to participate to publish this fraud brokers…therefore if somebody needs names, papers and information, I am happy to help.

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