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Guest on Ip Matrix Corp (APKN) February 05, 2009, 08:10AM
Here on this message board we are inviting all readers to discuss Ip Matrix Corp. You may anonymously post comments with any information that they have about Ip Matrix Corp.... read more
Guest on Ip Matrix Corp (APKN) October 17, 2011, 07:12PM
When is Starbase going to infuse APKN??? read more
APKN is not in the safety line anymore- Starbase Global Transport (a Canadian company) has merged and states great global transport innovations etc are coming...I cant wait. read more
Are you sure that Starbase Global Logistics has any clue that is supposed to be merged with APKN? On the company's site ( there is no info about the “deal”?! These... read more
I noticed the failure to update it's site-however, I was surprised to see Airprotek site with "fresh" information. I guess a "min-mar" is it's marketing firm or something? I also am not sure on... read more
Looks, something is unclear to APKN. read more