Post No: 255632 December 13, 2008, 07:57PM
Guest wrote:

if this is directed at me firstly, let me assure u that we are not related, ron. secondly, if u have not seen me since '96 all the more reason why u had no business robbing my apartment in '99. 3 years later. how'd u get in? the landlady let into her house so that u could break down the inside basement middle door, huh? they said that u have been dreaming of having a woman in every state and ur illiterate mentality thought that after u robbed me i would run to another state and automatically become one of ur concubines. but ur pretty peeved that ur fantasy did not materialize so u resorted to professional stalking. i dont know why they havent scooped u up for all the menacing and disrupting of society that u have caused. maybe - u are above the law after all. maybe u gave up some serious awssss to be above the law. take ur greetings and shove them up ur already active <<<...snipped (personal attack)...>>> no thanks.

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