Post No: 411142 July 08, 2010, 06:50PM
Guest wrote:

Conner along with J Hill EVP (advance man) have been draining their salaries and bonuses from what has become a miserable sham of an operation. MO = Acquire a failing businesses without proper analysis or due diligence,then major leauge bonk the effort when they haven't the business experience, acumen or smarts to be able to rehabilitate, run or grow these companies. Duo immediately attempts to borrow against cooked up plans of achieving unheard of success. Unfortunately, the unsuspecting no longer have the cash or influence to buy in..or listen. Sound familiar?
Conner seems to recruit some business management talent to run and/or revive his failures, only to turn them into a court of those willing to sit and have him go on for hours telling them (and anyone who listens) how they need to do it right. Conner has aquired his thought, experience and foreknowledge from? The promising,innovative and smart ones are quickly excommunicated, as Conner cannot take the challenge, straight talk.

Both drawing their experience from strategic initiatives like the "spin selling" principal and "telesales 101", this unimpressive duo has racked up enough business failure to write a multi-volume book. Not for The Harvard Press though! Challenge Conner or find his routine out? Forget it. Not good on his feet (unrehearsed), Conner is given to a bullying and outright denial to avoid solid intellectual thought and challenge. Visionary? C'mon.

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