Post No: 411152 August 26, 2010, 05:31PM
Guest wrote:

1 for 10,000 and 10,000 for 1. Reverse split = delist formula. Two of the reasons their 8K lists: 1. The need for senior management of the Company to devote more time to the business of the Company.
You'd have to be nuts to believe this.Connor has been consistently inept, inexperienced, an arrogant and miserable leader, one poor business decision after another....and a history to prove it all.
#2 The need to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive business information that would otherwise require SEC disclosure.
Shoot me now! The sensitive business information would most likely drive SEC or any governing body to delist the company for cause and probably bring senior management to account for it (if anyone qualifies as senior management). Wonder if the wine/dine/cajoling by mssr's Hill and Connor selling stockholders and BOD on the next big wonderful way out makes them complicit in any way. Who on earth would invest in this leadership? Who on earth is this board? Are they locked up? Exist?

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