Post No: 3181 September 28, 2010, 11:25AM
Guest wrote:

CIBC Sept 12th report had some positive things to say about BAJ--ranked 14th for copper junior miners-- see "The Next Leg Of Growth In The Copper Supply Chain"

Note: BAJ is one of the overlooked Gems in the Copper industry--when the stopped construction and things were idle...most overlooked the real value

1. ranked # 2 Cu eq grade in one of the most critical factors--there are few over 1%--BAJ is one of them

2. Cash cost will be neg--with the Manganese Opportunity--Profit Margin if Cu prices turn down.

3. Infrastructure--the requirement for building/maintaining infrastructure (many mines are out in the middle of nowhereâ”ie need to build roads, rail, water etc--BAJ is being built in a area with good infrastructure--no major issues

4. Political Risk is Low ---a country may seize assets or make it extremely difficult to produce.

The bottom line---high profit margin and low risk, with financing set, a key strategic partners---it was only a matter of time when the market took interest.

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