Alternative Energy Stocks

Vision-Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:VSCI) Hits The Huge Volume July 26, 2010

On Friday, Vision-Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:VSCI) hit a huge volume gain. VSCI sold over 590 thousand shares on the market and its price change pointed 3.77% up. read more

XenoPort, Inc. (NASDAQ:XNPT) Starts The Gain July 26, 2010

Last Friday, XenoPort, Inc. (NASDAQ:XNPT) started to gain on the market. The stock soared 2.42% on its price to close at $6.34 per share and its volume exceeded 525 thousand shares traded. read more

Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC:LTUS) Starts To Gain Progressively July 23, 2010

Yesterday, Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC:LTUS) started to climb up progressively. Just for a day, the stock gained 10.75% on the market and its volume exceeded 605 thousand shares traded. read more

PositiveID Corporation (NASDAQ:PSID) Starts To Gain Fast July 22, 2010

Yesterday, PositiveID Corporation (NASDAQ:PSID) started its way up. Just for a day, the stock gained 11.48% on its price to reach $1.02 per share. read more

Orthovita, Inc. (NASDAQ:VITA) Still Holds The High Momentum July 21, 2010

Orthovita, Inc. (NASDAQ:VITA) started to climb up yesterday. The stock gained 4.49% on its price and sold over 548 thousand shares for the day. read more

Cytokinetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CYTK) At Another Low Trade July 21, 2010

Yesterday, Cytokinetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:CYTK) started to move down again to trade at $2.20 per share. However, its traded volume nearly doubled to reach over 130 thousand shares for the day. read more

Synergetics USA Inc. (NASDAQ:SURG) Holds Back The Climb? July 16, 2010

These days, Synergetics USA Inc. (NASDAQ:SURG) has been moving up on the market. Yesterday, the stock soared 3.68%, and its volume jumped up to approximately 146 thousand shares traded. read more

Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:OREX) Indicates Possible End Of The Three D... July 16, 2010

Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:OREX) profit taking hit the last charts during the last trading hour on Thursday, indicating the possible end of the three days rally. read more

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation (NASDAQ:GLDD) At The Lower Side Of Th... July 16, 2010

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation (NASDAQ:GLDD) is found at the lower side of the price channel and could be up for a swing if the market mood is set right. read more

Shall Stanley Furniture Co. (NASDAQ:STLY) Hold The Climb? July 15, 2010

Two days ago, Stanley Furniture Co. (NASDAQ:STLY) started to sell intensively. However, following the stock movement, the strong sale appeared to be cut off. read more

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTC:ESPH) Keeps The Huge Volume Gains July 15, 2010

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTC:ESPH) has been gaining hard in volume recently. Its values exceeded 1 million shares traded, without noticing the low movement of the stock. read more

SwissINSO Holding, Inc. (OTC:SWHN) Remains Cool Despite Promotion July 14, 2010

Two more promoters were engaged to spread SwissInslo Holding, Inc (OTC:SWHN) awareness among investors yesterday. The company's advertising streak has been stretching out for the past few months, and although successful earlier, doesn't seem to have much of an effect lately. read more

Old Second Bancorp Inc. (NASDAQ:OSBC) Can't Hold The Climb July 14, 2010

After trading at under $2.00 last week, yesterday Old Second Bancorp Inc. (NASDAQ:OSBC) climbed up to $2.22 per share. Along with the price move, traded volume also jumped up to over 400 shares, showing traders' keen interest. read more

The Princeton Review, Inc (NASDAQ:REVU) Starts A Low Trade July 14, 2010

After The Princeton Review, Inc (NASDAQ:REVU) started the week at $2.29, all of a sudden it fell bellow its yearly average. read more

Infineon Technologies AG (PINK:IFNNY) Hits A Volume Jump July 14, 2010

Yesterday, Infineon Technologies AG (PINK:IFNNY) made a huge volume jump on the market. Its traded volume climbed up to 575 thousand shares as compared to the 9 thousand shares traded on the day before. read more

Material Sciences Corporation (OTC:MASC) Still Holds The Climb July 13, 2010

Last Friday, Material Sciences Corporation (OTC:MASC) started to climb up on the market. The stock closed with a positive price change of 2.50% and on shocking volume of 113 thousand shares traded. read more

Natcore Technology Inc. (CVE:NXT) At A Huge Volume Gain July 13, 2010

After a low-trade on Friday, yesterday Natcore Technology Inc. (CVE:NXT) made a huge gain on the market. The stock soared 35.79% and its traded volume reached over 550 thousand shares. read more

DayStar Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:DSTI) Traders Buy Into Short Term Opportunities July 13, 2010

The inactive DayStar Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:DSTI) is up on a random breakout once again as traders noticed a couple of days of positive action. read more, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPRT) Keeps Progressing Up July 12, 2010

Last week,, Inc. (NASDAQ:SPRT) started to climb up progressively. On Friday, the stock soared by 5.46% and its traded volume exceeded 5 thousand shares. read more

Nephros, Inc. (OTC:NEPH) Flies Up Dramatically July 8, 2010

Nephros, Inc. (OTC:NEPH) started its way to the top. Yesterday, the stock made a phenomenal price jump of approximately 50% on the market. read more