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Quantum (QTWW) to Provide Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicle Architecture for Affiliate’s First Production Vehicle

by Justice Sirikah December 9, 2008
  Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: QTWW) is set to supply its affiliate, Fisker Automotive Inc., with its ‘Q-Drive’ high-performance plug-in-hybrid electric vehicle architecture for a debut production vehicle, the Fisker Karma. The "green" American sports car maker will showcase the automobile in January, 2009, at the North American International Auto Show pencilled for Detroit, Michigan.QTWW_logo.png
  The production Fisker KARMA plug-in-hybrid retains the same proportions and beauty of the January, 2008, Karma show car, but with minor design enhancements made to its exterior. It will be available by November of 2009 with a base price of US$87,900.

  The Q-Drive plug-in-hybrid electric drive system could achieve 50 miles of zero carbon emission, battery-only range, while giving combined gasoline-electric hybrid operation to enable uncompromised vehicle range and performance. The system will be integrated into a Quantum developed one-of-a-kind chassis that will enable optimising the performance and vehicle dynamics.

  Advantages of the Q-Drive system include optimised fuel efficiency and superior performance, unchanged refuelling infrastructure, and home-based battery recharging with any 110-volt outlet or, optionally, 220/240-volt fast-charging using Quantum’s solar energy powered re-charging station. With this balance between electric and gasoline range, Fisker Automotive estimates that most KARMA drivers who charge the vehicle overnight and drive less than 50 miles daily stand a good chance of achieving an average fuel economy of 100 mpg (2.4L/100km) annually.

  Quantum’s innovative powertrain, Q-Drive utilises a large, powerful lithium ion battery and a powerful 2-litre direct injected turbo-charged 4-cylinder gasoline engine developing 260 hp, which enables the KARMA to achieve a continuous top speed of 125 mph and a 0-60 of 5.8 seconds. The large and powerful lithium ion battery provides 22.6 kWh, which has unique control software. The two powerful electric motors deliver a combined 408 hp.

  By the end of the morning’s trading session on December 9, Quantum’s stock had given up 2.20% to trade at $0.89, from the previous close of $0.91.


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