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Liberator Medical Holdings (OTCBB: LBMH) Keeps Posting Unaudited Filings

by Jovita Baltrusaityte June 1, 2009
liberator.pngOn March 10th 2009, Liberator Medical Holdings, Inc. (LBMH.ob or OTCBB:LBMH), a direct-to-consumer provider of quality medical supplies to Medicare-eligible seniors, moved to the Over-the-Counter-Bulletin-Board stock exchange after the approval of FINRA. Earlier it was trading on the Pink Sheets.

The CEO of the company, Mark Libratore stated, "Moving from the Pink Sheets to the Bulletin Board represents a meaningful milestone in our Company's history. We believe that this move will generate greater levels of interest from institutional investors and retail brokers as well as an increase in the trading volume and liquidity in our stock."

Analysing the latest quarterly report, it is seen that current assets have increased more than four times from $2,047,284 in March 2008 to $8,875,170 in March 2009. However, this growth was nothing more than getting in a new debt of over 5 million dollars. According to the income statement, sales have gone up by 309%, while operating loss was replaced by operating income. In addition, the business of the company is quite small. Thus the stock of Liberator Medical does not seem to be the potential target of investors.

However, the company aims to attract more investors. For investor relations services, LBMH has started paying $2,500 per month to Wall Street Resources. Last year the stock promotional campaign cost $30,000 which is the same $2,500 per month. Wall Street Resources was the same company hired by Liberator Medical Holdings for the stock promotion.

The stock price is still not affected by this change. Its current value is $0.55, while the volume remains about 54 thousand. It should be emphasised that the promotion of 2008 was not as helpful as the company had expected, at least from the point of view of changes in the stock price. We will see what the company can accomplish with the present $30,000.



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