Jovita Baltrusaityte

Data Call Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: DCLT) Looking for New Ways to Flourish

by Jovita Baltrusaityte August 14, 2009
untitled.jpgWith current assets of $26,000, Data Call Techs decided to get involved in a stock promotion campaign. The company paid $25,000 to Quality Stocks for the stock promotion campaign. Why has it made this expensive deal? Let's take a look at this matter more closely.

Data Call Technologies Inc. (DCLT.ob, or OTCBB: DCLT) is a development stage company, which offers real-time information/content, seeking to continually improve the delivery, security and variety of information/content to the Digital Signage community. However, this business plan does not seem to have brought much happiness to the company.

According to the quarterly report of March, assets remained the same as compared to December 2008, i.e. $26,000. However, liabilities increased by 12 % from $188,000 to $211,000. From the numbers indicated, you can see that the company is unable to pay its debt. We shouldn't also forget that DCLT wasted $25,000 for stock promotion.

In addition, the development stage company has only 5 employees at this time, though it's planning to hire more, if its business starts getting any traction. Actually, the stock seems to have allured investors. After the last trade, it jumped up by 23%, and is now worth $0.037. I am not sure whether this was only the temporary lift, or not. Do you have any ideas about this?



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