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Without a Penny in the Bank, Capital Resource Alliance (OTCBB: CRRA) Pays $354,000 for a Service

by Jovita Baltrusaityte August 20, 2009
crra.jpgWould you dare to enter into a purchase agreement without any money in your bank account? Capital Resource Alliance does not seem to face any problems with that at all.

Capital Resource Alliance Inc. (CRRA.ob, or OTCBB: CRRA) is a manufacturer and marketer of the "WonderWall," which is a revolutionary building system that involves on-site creation of long lasting, low cost housing, schools, commercial buildings and storage facilities. On August 6, the company entered into a purchase agreement to acquire the assets of Engineered Construction Solutions Inc. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. However, CRRA does not have resources for that. Let's look at the results of the latest quarter.

According the financial results of the end of March, the company had no money at all, although liabilities were $6,000. As there were no assets, profit was equal to zero as well.

Although there is not enough money to pay the debt, Capital Resource seems to be able to find enough for the service of stock promotion. As indicated in the latest news, CRRA paid $50,000 to Super Hot Penny Stocks, $300,000 to Super Nova Stock Picks, and $4,000 to Speculating Stocks. In total, that is $354,000. Aren't you curious as to where the money is coming from? Personally, I am unable to explain this to you. If you have the answer, please let me know.

After all, the stock trading looks unsightly. After the trading on Wednesday, the share price decreased by 7%, and is now settled at $0.26. After considering all the facts, what do you think about this company?



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