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Carbonics Capital Corporation (OTCBB: CICS) Will Resume Operations at Culbertson Facility

by Gediminas Jasionis October 5, 2009
oilseed_crops.jpgCarbonics Capital Corporation (OTCBB: CICS) announcement of inventory liquidation at their Culbertson facility made a noticeable impact on the company's share price on Monday. Yet, as with most short term directed news, the effect has worn off shortly after the publication and correction is likely to occur the day after.

The company had to cease operations because they were unable to pay for the delivered oilseeds, as they had failed to renew the working capital credit facility. The matter was only resolved with the help of Montana Department of Agriculture and the North Dakota Public Service Commission.

So what does the news mean to the company's future? First off the company has been trying to deal with its inventories at Culbertson for some time, and it took some effort to get there. They simply didn't have the money to pay for the delivered crop. Now operations at the facility can be resumed, but the company is still struggling on the financial side and there is no guaranty the situation will not repeat in the future.

Another thing is they still haven't given even the approximate date the Culbertson facilities operations will be resumed. It might go off tomorrow and it might take a month to get it going.

The facility is presented as conveniently positioned and important to the agricultural region between Montana and Dakota. So the problem with its operations most obviously lies with its management.

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