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Players Network (OTCBB: PNTV) Presents New Brand

by Gediminas Jasionis November 11, 2009
players_network.jpgPlayers Network (OTCBB: PNTV) congratulated themselves on releasing another intellectual product and investors on their behalf pushed the company's share price up by nearly 30% on Wednesday.

The new Players Network brand PNTVegas is dedicated to maximizing revenues from marketing campaigns. The product aims to unify various products and services, supposedly improving user experience and increasing the company's revenues in return. That's really neat and valuable for the company. Not to interesting for the general consumers looking for specific products and considerably average for the customers.

Pessimism on this announcement comes from unproven value and necessity of this new brand. Also it has just been announced so value generation is yet to be witnessed before it can be considered an important asset.

This announcement was enough to send the stock price up with a gap but later into trading there was no continuation. With recently seen exhaustion gap and price depreciation it is unlikely another uptrend will be triggered by this announcement.

If no follow through occurs tomorrow, the price is likely to gradually return to recently found support at $0.1 to fill the gap. After that it will probably continue to consolidate in the $0.1 - $0.175 range as it gladly did in the past.

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