Gediminas Jasionis

Vega Promotional Systems Inc. (PinkSheets: VGPR) Getting Serious

by Gediminas Jasionis November 17, 2009
BiofuelVega Promotional Systems Inc. (PinkSheets: VGPR) is advancing with their Green Valley project and in turn looking to score some higher share price. On Monday the company announced to have chosen its power generators provider to be "ARE Energy".

Stock price seem to just hit and run on the news, as Mondays advance has corrected on Tuesday. The company has been playing with Green Valley project for nearly three year so minor developments no longer affect the share price for long.

The more interesting development was management's recent decision to move their company up a step and get on the OTCBB. The idea was introduced last Friday. Combined with the company's intentions to build bio-diesel production plant in Georgia, this announcement has clearly added to the overall investors' optimism.

We know the company will be financed by the state of Georgia and get nearly $33 million to build their plant. And with them becoming a reporting entity we will get to see how the money is spent. From what the management is saying, both their projects are rather sound. If we will see numbers in financial reports supporting the possibility of these projects actually being complete it would make the price tenfold of its current value in no time.

However until then we have to take management's words for granted so caution must be applied. Putting the stock on a watchlist is probably the best thing to do right now.

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