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Zevotek, Inc. (OTCBB: ZVTK) Accepts New Board Member

by Gediminas Jasionis January 28, 2010
Ionic_lightbulb_zevotek.jpgA change of management in Zevotek, Inc. (OTCBB: ZVTK) brought a wave of positive reaction on the market. The stock price appreciated 28% on the news but clearly the move was a onetime deal.

Anthony Intrieri has joined the company as a director and chairman of the board. Previously the owner of a limousine selling company Mr. Intrieri has been retired for couple of years before joining Zevotek.

Currently registered as a shareholder, he owns 80% the company's series B stock so the official admittance to the board was just a formality. Mr. Intrieri will have more influence on the company, but he is not the key player, so Zevotek's current strategies aren't likely to be influenced by him alone, just yet.

Even if Mr. Intrieri steps up to make a difference, his influence might not be clearly seen, as the company is expected to start making money in the Q1 anyway. Talking about their general strategy, it is a standard 3rd party logistics company with little costs on their backs and using the services of other companies to get their light bulbs to reach end users.

Their strategies might change when the cash begins to flow, but once again - it's nothing to be overreacting to in advance.

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