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Cascadia Investments Inc. (PINK:CDIV) Pushing Into Facebook

by Gediminas Jasionis March 4, 2010
cascadia_logo.jpgCascadia Investments Inc. (PINK:CDIV, CDIV message board) had taken a step into the gaming business with the acquisition of at the beginning of 2010 and now the time has come when they put their games onto Facebook.

Trying out Cascadia's Adoptme turned out to be disappointing, as the game is still far behind all interactive, visually appealing flash games from Zynga, CrowdStar and others, which had better products even at startup. Cascadia's CEO has said they will be issuing more games in the near future. Hopefully, the new products will be better integrated and more visually appealing. Congrats to the company for making a deal with facebook though.

Still, this business is just at startup - Cascadia doesn't have a game development team fully built yet, which is probably the reason behind the slow development of their Adoptme version on facebook. Counting future profits the company will be splitting them with Impulse Communications, Inc. - the creators of original Adoptme game.

Whatever business perspective they have seems to drive traders \really crazy. If you look at the stock price - it shot up when they started deceloping The social gaming business holds massive potential, but the company also has to harvest it. Getting stuff on Facebook is just the first step; we will need to see if their game ideas really work in the shade of already massively played Petville, Farmville, Fishville and other hits.

Cascadia also holds several social communication and services directed websites -,,,,,,, None of them are fully developed and at this point the company already seems quite fragmented. Their pure potential is in facebook games as all these Twitter clones and ringtone sites seem quite useless at the moment.

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