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Cobalis Corp. (OTC:CLSC) – don't get allergies from diseased stocks

by Ekaterina Zelenkova March 10, 2010
clsc_3years_price_chart.jpg Cobalis Corporation (PINK:CLSC) might have an allergy to low priced shares, as they're desperately trying to promote their stock.

Cobalis Corp. (OTC:CLSC), headquartered in Irvine, California, is developing products for the reduction, management and prevention of allergic diseases. PreHistin is Cobalis's premier anti-allergy product.
It is good that the company has started an advertising campaign to inform its customers and investors about its products, but there is something wrong with CLSC's stock.

All attempts to find out more information about the financial status and market position of the company failed. The last published financial report of CLSC is for the quarterly period ended December 31, 2007, about which it's nonsensical to make any comments.

The only information that could be obtained about the company are the regular press releases, which content is related to the promotion of the "revolutionary" CLSC product. Maybe the company has "pumping shares disease" that soon even the best anti-allergy product will not be able to prevent from becoming a long term failure.

It is not surprising that the company gives as a compensation 4 040 000 free trading shares to 18 companies to promote their stock. Further more, most of those companies are offering services like blogs, Chat Rooms, E-mail, investor communications, investor network media. After getting the free trading shares these guys will likely dump them all while the price is still hot. Beware of upcoming stock flood!

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