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Trustcash Holdings Inc (PINK:TCHH) - Pending to Overcome the Limits

by Ekaterina Zelenkova March 23, 2010
TCHH_price_chart.jpgSince Friday, the stock of Trustcash Holdings Inc (PINK:TCHH, TCHH message board) is wrestling hard to overcome the psychological limit of $0.0004 per share. The big fight started last Tuesday, when TCHH stock was traded at half the current price and booked giant trading volumes.

Since the end of the previous week, investor interest was renewed with new power, after just two days of calm.

This resulted in an increase in the stock price, which yesterday closed again at the psychological limit, but this time on even higher volume.

On March 19-th, when almost 640 millions of TCHH shares changed ownership, the company announced in a press release that their gross revenue was over $1.2 million. The information was supposed to come from the unaudited reports of TCHH for the twelve month period ending December 31,2009: however, such financial statements were impossible to find on the Internet.

The company is operating in a field, which according to expert opinion, will become more and more popular in the near future, as additional companies find it to be attractive.

"Anonymous, secure, private" is theTCHH's logo that follows the next findings about the company.

- there are no actual financial reports of the company. Since December 19, 2008, TCHH has terminated its SEC filings. At present, it is difficult to find out any info about their current developments.

"Secure" is the company's long years tradition and practice to rise investors' awareness through promotional campaigns. The list of them, published by "Stockpromotors", is presented as an illustration. The price chart shows almost linear dependance of the stock stir and dates of the promotional campaigns. For its yesterday's promotion, TCHH will compensate the promoter with fifty million shares of free trading shares and three hundred and forty nine thousand dollars from a non-affiliate third party shareholder.
"Private" - It's up to investors to decide whether to take the risk for the absence of information and strong promotion.

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