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Sunwin International Neutraceuticals Inc (OTC:SUWN) Strives to Keep the Upward Trend

by Ekaterina Zelenkova March 26, 2010
suwn_price_chart.jpgThese days Sunwin International Neutraceuticals Inc (OTC:SUWN, SUWN message board) strives to keep the upward trend of its stock, after announcement of the negative financial results for the nine months ended January 31 2010 and the obtained GRAS status, supported by a promotional campaign.

Yesterday Sunwin International Neutraceuticals Inc announced in a press release that company received a "no objection letter" from the FDA and has a GRAS status ( Generally Recognized As Safe) on five of its stevia extract products. At the same time, GRAS started its first for this year stock promotional campaign.

For the above promotion SUWN grants the promoter the good amount of three hundred thousand dollars.

The company has been promoting its stock since 2006. It seems to be a preferred tool of SUWN for supporting their shares' condition. At present, SUWN has booked forty two promotional campaigns.

The two events, GRAS status and the promotion, had no immediate effect on market activity of SUWN stock price. Yesterday, the stock closed at $0.345 with almost 4% decrease. The volume traded slacked as well. A small amount of 800 shares changed hands in comparison with the the volume traded of 1,1 millions during last Friday.

This Monday SUWN announces its nine months ended January 31 2010 financial reports. According them, SUWN has:
  • Net loss of $3.4 millions
  • Revenues - $10,7 millions, while those for 2008 were 17.8 millions
  • Cost of revenues - $9,0 millions
  • Approximately $1.1 million on loss, generated by disposition of an 36,000 square foot stevioside production facility due to a Chinese government required closure of this facility located in Qufu.
In such circumstances, during next trading sessions investors will do the right arbitrage on the SUWN stock perfomace.

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