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The Ray of Promotions Rises for Brazilian Mining Inc (OTC:BRZM) Stock

by Ekaterina Zelenkova March 29, 2010
Since last Friday the Ray of Promotions Rises for Brazilian Mining Inc (OTC:BRZM) stock.

BRZM_price_chart.jpgFollowing a slight dip in Thursday's trading the shares of Brazilian Mining Inc (OTC:BRZM) opened the market on Friday at $0.018. After a huge stock stir BRZM jumped by $0.002 , or 11.1%, to $0.02.

The volume by the end of the day was more than 13 million. Just to make a picture of the investors interest towards BRZM, last Monday the volume traded was five hundred ten times less than those on Friday.

As volumes from Monday show, the information, that the President of Terrax joined the BRZM Board was neutral to stock market activity. Seems, that the latest company's announcement was not the reason for the strong trade.

The other information could be the reason for BRZM stock movement. The same day, last Friday, BRZM started a massive stock promotional camping. The company is paying to a promoter one hundred thousand dollars for a one month investor awareness campaign.

Seems that investors from now on will be under the ray of the promotional campaign. Last year in October, BRZM was also organized investor awareness campaign paying different promoters $17 500. Further more, $25,000 were paid from a non-affiliate third party shareholder of BRZM for the campaign.

If you take a look at the price chart of the company, you will find out almost linear dependance between stock stir and the campaign.

The company as business entity has the following characteristics:
  • Changing the name of the company- formerly known as Sao Luis Mining, Inc., changed to Brazilian Mining Corporation last summer,
  • During last years, the main business of BRZM starts with acquisitions, thru mining and diamonds business, to software and early detection systems.
  • All these activities granted BRZM zero revenues, no cash for covering the expenses, no assets.
The only thing, that company has and produces are shares that to bring capital to the BRZM major owners. Non commenting previous years, here some facts for year 2009:
  • during last summer issued were 49 millions of shares of common stock for servises rendered and 16 millions of shares for reducing convertible notes
  • at the end of September issued were 17,4 millions of shares for reducing convertible notes.

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