Ekaterina Zelenkova

Kat Exploration Inc (PINK:KATX) Stock is Swollen by Theatrically Bloated Volume

by Ekaterina Zelenkova April 1, 2010
KATX_price_chart.jpgLike during last June, when a promotional campaign is destroyed investors on Kat Exploration Inc (PINK:KATX, KATX message board) stock, the promoters are back.  Bloated volume without any natural reason occupied yesterday's session.

More than 14 millions shares changed hands. The volume traded was higher than this at the beginning of February.

Even the last press release of the company about the 346 new claims in eastern Newfoundland were not able to attract investors. The same day, KATX stock booked the symbolic volume of less than half of a million shares.

Yesterday KATX stock closed at $0.078, but jumped 16.42%.

The KATX shares have been promoted since January this year thru stock promotional magazines. One of articles there is addressed to students with the headline "So Why Are Honors Class Students So Happy?". There is shown the winner KATX, like this: Week 9 also had a winner, with KATX climbing 190% to a high of $0.09."

This pushes me to remind you the lessons learned from the KATX stock promotional campaign from June, last year.

As the chart here shows, those that bought in hoping for profits, now see the vectors of huge losses, starting from the end of the campaign until present.

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