Gediminas Jasionis

Bederra Corp (PINK:BEDA) Trying to Get Things Right

by Gediminas Jasionis April 8, 2010
Bederra Corp (PINK:BEDA) enjoyed spikes in liquidity and price gains as the company's engagement to buy back their stock finally came to life.

The usually illiquid stock added 30% with no bloated volatility, even though the number of shares traded, nearly 600 million, was 5 times the daily average. The move occurred when the company confirmed they are ready to buy back up to 50% of the outstanding float from the public market.

bederra_logo.jpgBEDA's recorded stock float was just over 404 million in February. Plans to repurchase up to half of this amount means the company should be prepared to spend somewhat $600 thousand over the coming half a year, considering an average price of 0.0015 - the calculated SqueezeTrigger price, which is the maximum they will pay for the stock.

In addition to the stock repurchase program the company is pursuing a joint venture with existing clinics in hopes of reentering the medical clinic market. The company is also seeking to increase transparency and become listed and have the most recent info publically available.

To date Bederra failed to provide reliable financial information by filing with the SEC. Their last reported financial data suggests the company doesn't have the funds to fully repurchase the stock and also shows losses from operations altogether. The most recent acquisition of Texas Mobile Health was not accounted for in the annual report.

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