Ekaterina Zelenkova

Emerging World Pharma Inc (PINK:EWPI) Massively Down on Alerts

by Ekaterina Zelenkova April 12, 2010
EWPI_price_chart1.jpgLast week was the week of promotions for Emerging World Pharma Inc (PINK:EWPI, EWPI message board) stock and may be not so profitable for some investors. Since Monday, the high volatility shares of EWPI were looking for the impossible price consensus dancing in the swirl of never seen volumes for this year.

On Monday, EWPI stock opened at $0.62, starting with the modest volume of half million shares. On Tuesday, the volume was eight times higher, supported by the price increase. After days of struggling, on Friday, EWPI closed at lower level and less than million in volume.

One of the reasons for the EWPI stir were massive stock promotions through Internet magazines, offering information about profitable investments.

The chart here presents not only the wide price range of EWPI stock. It shows also the high range of possible losses, if decisions for stock trade was based only on messages like these:
  • "Massively Urgent Alert - Read ASAP!"
  • "Did You Let Them Steal Your Money Today?"
  • "All Members On High Alert"
  • "TELK - MEGA Pharma Mover UP 48% from our Alert Monday!".
EWPI_promoted.pngAll march and now, similar messages are rushing the EWPI stock.

Further more, last Friday, EWPI started a promotional campaign with a promoter for compensation of one hundred thousand dollars. For EWPI Investor Relation Services the promoter will be paid from a third party, Capital Investment Group.

All these dramatic movements were resulted not only by promotions. The company supported them with announcements about its future prospective.

The first announcement of EWPI was related with the marketing and distribution agreement with the Catholic Diocese of Sunyani, Ghana.

The second one was about funding of a generic drug manufacturing facility in Estonia.
Since EWPI is not making 8 k filings it was not able to find out more information about these two important for the company material events.

Access to the company's financials is also difficult.

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