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Fresh Harvest Products Inc (OTC:FRHV) Gets A One Time Price Lift

by Gediminas Jasionis April 13, 2010
FRHV_chart.pngFresh Harvest Products Inc (OTC:FRHV, FRHV message board) witnessed an exploding stock price behavior as the company confirmed their product recognition.

Though the initial spurt added over 190% in value, the rest of the day was considerably quiet. Not the most successful organic food company out there was happy to announce their Wings of Nature bar got recognized by the customers. The trading volume for the day ended up more than 20 times over the average one.

According to the official announcement more orders are about to hit the company, but apart from building the brand awareness, these kind of sales are unlikely to eliminate the $170 thousand quarterly loss FRHV seen for the most recent period end.

wings_of_nature.jpgOn another attempt to improve their business, the company has announced acquisition of AC LaRocco Pizza Co., back in March, but no 8-k was put out to confirm that and no other filings depicted consolidated financials or suggested the payment method for this acquisition.

To date, Fresh Harvest retained one of the most unpromising financial statements out there:

• Only $27 thousand in cash if you count receivables;
• Huge debt leverage;
• No top line developments;
• No profitability since inception;
• Negative cash flows for the last two years;
• 200 million shares outstanding are at the limit of authorized count;
• 323% share dilution over the last year.

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June 19, 2008, 06:46AM

Quotes Your organization is performing excellently from the info I got on the internet. Please can we fill your impact in Nigeria too?

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