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by Peter Hristov November 30, 2011
KADR_chart.pngARCADIA RESOURCES (PINK:KADR, KADR message board) has recently been noted by stock promoters due to its momentum signs.

In the last two days, KADR was traded on heavy volume. Yesterday, the trading volume exceeded 2.5 million shares, whereas on Monday it went over 5.1 million shares.

On this backdrop, KADR share value jumped up significantly. On Monday, when the volume of 5 million shares was generated, the stock rose 37.24% to $0.0199 per share.

Yesterday. KADR added another 18.09% to its share value and closed the session at $0.0235 after hitting an intraday high at $0.024.

According to the official FINRA statistics, on Monday the short volume reached 31% of the whole trades, while yesterday the short volume percentage was 53%. In total, 1.3 million shares were exchanged in short transactions yesterday.

KADR_logo.gifThe increased volume activity and the jumping share price has apparently attracted the eyes of promoters. Yesterday, after the end of the session, several trade alerts marking the momentum of KADR popped up.

The promoters behind the trade alerts were Stock Egg, Hot Otc, Cool Penny Stocks. None of the promoters had received compensation for the alert according to their disclaimers.

Today, the market will show if the alerts will have any effect on the market and if the momentum of KADR will continue.

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