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Flying on Promotional Wings, Solar Thin Films Inc. (PINK:SLTZ) Makes a Change in Course

by Martin Tsvetkov December 22, 2011
8SLTZ_chart.pngWill the latest news about Solar Thin Films Inc. (PINK:SLTZ) give its stock a boost in the upcoming market session? It might, but in case it fails, there is a full-blown promotional campaign in support of STLZ.

Let us now see the events in order of precedence. To begin with, shortly after the end of yesterday's trading session, which, by the way, brought SLTZ a 6% decrease in value, a couple of promotional emails started flooding investors' mailboxes one after another. A total of $33 thousand were reported to have been spent on the advertising campaign which is expected to push SLTZ stock as high as it can get. Which, in fact, is definitely a possibility considering SLTZ's fairly volatile nature as seen on the accompanying chart.

Newswise, the company's supporters have no reason to complain. Earlier today, SLTZ officially announced that it was going to establish a wholly owned subsidiary under the name of Cenergy, Inc. which would deal exclusively with solar power projects. The formation of Cenergy, Inc. is regarded as a deliberate move by SLTZ toward the solar industry. Whether or not investors will embrace the idea will inevitably effect SLTZ's market behaviour today.

SLTZ_logo.jpgAs far as the company's financials are concerned, the situation seems a little bit controversial, at least for the time being. Until recently, SLTZ used to be a regular SEC filer. However, on Oct. 19, the company submitted a Form 15 to terminate its obligation to report with the financial regulator without providing any arguments thereof. Prior to this date, SLTZ had filed no financial reports for 2011 whatsoever. Obviously, by terminating its registration, the company appears to have no intention of bringing these reports to light. As much as such behaviour is bound to estrange investors in the long term, it can be fixed in the short term. At this stage, however, there are no indications if the company will adopt an alternative reporting standard.

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