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Price Hesitations of Solar Thin Films Inc. (PINK:SLTZ) Continue

by Nelly Shishkova January 9, 2012
Stock price of Solar Thin Films Inc. (PINK:SLTZ) has been quite changeable during the past days. The huge jump on Thursday SLTZ_chart.pngwas followed by a 0.83% price fall and decreased traded volume on Friday, which were hard to be explained.

Last week, Solar released a few positive announcements on its business, though these failed to influence the stock and the up move was broken.

Yesterday, a new piece of news was issued, this time accompanied by promotions. The announcement stated that Solar was in talks with a large European renewable energy developer on several solar energy projects in Europe. The total output of these projects is anticipated to exceed $350 million, though at this point it remains a projection only.

Apart from the optimistic news, yesterday SLTZ got promoted for $40,000, which additionally pumped up the stock price. In any case, whether the PR campaign will break up the current loss is just about to be seen.

SLTZ_logo.jpgSolar Thin Films, Inc. is a business focused on the solar energy industry. In December, the stock was flying on promotions again, though it was back down shortly.

Some time ago, SLTZ used to be a regular SEC filer. However, on Oct. 19 the company submitted a Form 15 to terminate its obligation to report with the financial regulator without providing any arguments thereof. Prior to this date, SLTZ had filed no financial reports for 2011.

Regarding the latest report filed with the SEC, the situation seems a little bit controversial, which should be a red signal for investors.

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