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Uranium Energy Corp. (AMEX:UEC) Starts Falling Down

by Nelly Shishkova August 25, 2010
Yesterday, Uranium Energy Corp. (AMEX:UEC) started to fall down on the market. Though being promoted, the stock lost image184.png3.85% of its price, while its traded volume moved down to around 284,000 shares for the day. Apparently, this time the promotion couldn't help UEC as the volume fell even bellow its average value of 393 shares traded.

Over the last month, a few positive reports on the company have been published, though the trading range of the stock remained between $2.47 - $2.59 per share. Looks like the investors are not much interested in UEC and the price doesn't climb up.

Just a day before the stock moved down, it was put among the top gainers on the market, which made UEC soar 5% on its price and trade over 468 thousand shares by the end of the day. However, except the promotion and the positive reports, there is no more news on Uranium Energy these days, so no one can predict the future of the price.

Uranium.pngUranium Energy Corp. is a natural resource exploration company engaged in the exploration of properties that may contain uranium minerals in the United States. Historically, the company used to trade higher over the past year, though since February the price is moving down.

According to its latest quarter report, UEC has increased its gross profit, however, it hasn't generated any revenues and has incurred operating expenses and a net loss. The company has more assets than liabilities, though its net income appears to be lower and the stockholders' equity totals over $48 thousand.

Uranium Energy states: "Since inception, we have not established any proven or probable reserves on our mineral property interests". So, based on this statement and on the fact that presently the stock is falling down again, the investors should carefully follow its future movement.

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