Violeta Slavtchevska

A $500,000 Promotional Campaign Launched for Sky Power Solutions Corp. (OTC:SPOW)

by Violeta Slavtchevska March 22, 2012
Just as Sky Power Solutions Corp. (OTC:SPOW, SPOW message board) stock price has been pushed up from the bottom, a new promotional campaign has been launch to advertise the stock even more. The company also issued a press release a couple of minutes ago to support the new promotions. SPOW.png

The latest trading session yesterday closed with a 42.86% jump in the share price of SPOW at $0.05. Trading volume was a little over 236,000 traded shares for the day. Despite the considerable increase in the closing price, it is doubtful if the new campaign will have any positive results.

Promoters compensation is impressive, however. One of the many new e-mails reveals that the promoters expect to receive a total amount of $500,000 for the advertising and promotion of SPOW. Another issue is if that new promotion has been well timed given that the share price has already multiplied within less than a month.

A new press release also just came out, but as it usually happens with newly promoted companies, it does not provide much of valuable information. It only says SPOW had achieved "significant advancements" for its heat dissipation utilizing technology which had enhanced the overall functionality.Sky_Power.jpg

The PR and the promotional e-mails could distract traders' attention from SPOW's latest 10-Q which was published with a delay yesterday. It shows the company had no cash whatsoever as of Jan. 31, 2012, $813 in other current assets, $56,000 in total assets and $2.4 million in total liabilities, all of which current. SPOW has also not had any revenue since its inception.

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