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Solar Thin Films Inc. (OTC:SLTZ) Stock Price Momentum Is Questionable

by Gediminas Jasionis November 22, 2010
SLTZ_chart.pngActivity is Solar Thin Films Inc. (OTC:SLTZ, SLTZ message board) stock has gone up significantly after the company announced third quarter results, but not all investors know the shares were concurrently promoted to get the most out of it.

Solar Thin Films stated to have secured over $618 thousand profit over the last quarter, under sales of just over $1 million. That was only half the $2.2 million in revenues recorded over the same period a year ago.  The company remains in red for the nine months ended September 30, 2010, with over $324 thousand loss.

The company still didn't file the report with the SEC thus the real nature of the net profit cannot be identified.

The announcement was accompanied by at least one paid stock newsletter. Raven Consulting Corp., which runs and, stated in their disclaimer they have been compensated $30 thousand to advertise SLTZ stock.

solar_thin_films_logo.jpgThe current share price of nearly 50 cents puts the market cap at $9.8 million. This is partly justified by the recently secured placement agency agreement with Network 1 Financial Securities, Inc., under which they will offer $3.5 million convertible debenture to attract private capital. Still, this news should not lull investors - although the company will raise money, convertibles can hurt shareholders in the long run.

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