Gaetano B.

Is G S Minerals, Inc. trying to spam their way through a financing?

by Gaetano B. January 20, 2008
G and S Minerals is showing up in inboxes all around the world this weekend in a spam campaign with hopes to pump the stock price. According to their own IR materials, the company has only $400 in the bank. Their shares are listed on the pink sheets which means that they have no responsibility whatsoever to provide any information to shareholders ever.

Another IR Document claimed that they have 68 million shares outstanding which would put a market valuation on this stock of $8 million dollars. To us looks pretty pricey for a company that has never generated a dime in revenue and only has $400 in the bank.

The company made some announcements in November that they plan to become fully reporting and have hired an auditor. But as of today we haven't seen any audited statements filed.

Another huge red flag around this company (as if they needed another). Is that they are currently trying to complete a $2,000,000 financing where they are trying to sell stock at a discount to market prices. Until they raise necessary capital and provide us with audited statements we would avoid this stock at any price.

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1. Guest
January 28, 2008, 11:40PM

Quotes Go to the GS - Minerals .com home page, click on contact and send them the most filthy email you can, turn about is fair play and I can be sure the women won't be reading any more email about what an indian bull should do to their mother and how their mother should service the bull.

2. Guest
January 27, 2008, 06:56PM

Quotes These loseroids spammed my cellphone with some garbage about their useless stock hitting 3.88 on the NYSE. Sounds to me like we should all go buy it right NOW! ;)

3. Guest
January 26, 2008, 10:50AM

Quotes In this economy or any other economy, it only shows how little this company is worth. Spamming in itself is a loser strategy. This low life losing company will fail and it's owner's go on to continue to yell at their pseudo trophy wives and yell at Starbuck girls. ANd feel entitled to money that they will sqaunder. Anyone with a substantial amount of income to invest, wouldn't even slightly consider this low life trashy scam company.

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