Jovita Baltrusaityte

Antivirus .NET Attacking, While Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC) Stock Keeps Rising

by Jovita Baltrusaityte February 16, 2011
SYMC_stock_chart.jpgSecurity companies continue creating and upgrading their antivirus software, while cyber criminals keep introducing new malware, making our lives more difficult. One of the recent Trojan-based application was Antivirus .NET, which has been around for some time already and, of course, managed to create many problems to computer users (in case you are a victim of Antivirus .NET, be sure to follow the removal instructions).

Despite that, the stock of Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ:SYMC, SYMC message board), the provider of security, storage, and system management solutions to secure and manage information, continues to attract many investors. After the last trade, the share price increased by $0.11 and reached $18.53, while the trading volume was over 5,5 million. Although the stock chart indicates an uptrend, the financial situation of the company raises doubts.

In the very beginning of February 2011, SYMC announced its Q3 results, which didn't look as good as expected. According to the report, total current assets decreased from $3,944 million to $3,893 million. At the same time, total current liabilities jumped up by 21% and the company isn't able to cover its obligations. However, comparing the Q3 of 2009 and 2010, it is seen that gross profit increased from $1,290 million to $1,340 million.

Although it's just a minor step up, maybe the last quarter will bring better news to the company and its investors. Besides, in case Symantec Corporation keeps pace with cyber criminals who create different kind of malware and provide its customers with suitable assistance, the company will not only attract more customers, but more and more investors will start trading SYMC shares.

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