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And the Pump Initiator is ... ShazamStocks Powered by Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSEAMEX:UEC)

by Martin Tsvetkov February 1, 2013
UEC_chart.pngImagine you are the CEO of a mining corporation willing to let the world know about your business. What would you do? You could hire a professional PR team to take care of your public appearances. Alternatively, you could also get involved in a handful of social-related initiatives so that people notice you more. There is, however, one particular manager who might have just gone the extra mile.

UEC_logo.jpgThe CEO in question is Amir Adnani and he is in charge of Uranium Energy Corp. (NYSEAMEX:UEC). The reason why we are drawing your attention to UEC stock is a fresh paid advertising campaign running in favour of UEC. According to the email that reached our database, ShazamStocks have received a total of $35 thousand from third party Lake Group Media, Inc. to raise the hype about UEC today. While this is a typical promotional scenario, Shazam's disclaimer actually reveals that it is Uranium Energy Corp. that provided the money in the first place by giving it to Lake Group Media.

As it seems, what we are witnessing here is a company which has practically initiated promotional coverage on its own stock. Since a move of this caliber has hardly gone unnoticed by UEC's CEO, we wondered why Adnani would bother getting involved in this. As you might have guessed, it did not take us long to see how busy he has been recently selling shares and exercising corporate options and warrants at prices ranging from $2.40 to $2.50 per share. That is why when UEC's market value fell below $2.30 per share a couple of months ago without showing signs of immediate improvement, he must have found himself in a situation that requires extreme actions. At least, this appears to be the most logical explanation for the time being.

Provided that the promotional campaign succeeds in ramping up the value of UEC stock on the market, this could potentially pave the way for further insider trading. Who would benefit the most, though? CEO Adnani? Or maybe COO Harry L. Anthony, or V.P. Patrick Obara? In any case, not the regular investor.

Even if a price boost occurs, however, it is highly unlikely that it would last forever. Just check out ShazamStock's historical promo picks and how they performed both within the corresponding campaign and in the aftermath to see paid promotions for what they are.

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