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Wild Craze, Inc. (OTC:WILD) Goes Wild as Stock Brainiac's New Darling

by Hristina Beeva February 28, 2013
If you choose a name for a penny stock company, none may be more fitting than Wild Craze, Inc. (OTC:WILD, WILD message board), an early-stage toy company that is also heavily promoted in paid pumps and has the volumes and swings in price to show. WILD is one of the most heavily promoted picks of Club Penny Stocks and others. WILD0228.png

WILD admits it is still in the early stages of developing promising toys, and to break into a market overflooded with ingenious items, it has to rely on the following financial assets and liabilities:

  • $3,841 cash
  • $24,777 total assets
  • $422,782 total liabilities
  • Zero revenuesCWNM0228.png
  • $490,000 net loss accumulated since inception

The company, currently priced at 13.8 million dollars, is running up reasonable amounts of debt, given that the chosen industry has smaller development costs compared to other small cap business models. Still, it is unknown when WILD will unroll its products, so the story to follow for now is the activity of Club Penny Stocks.

WILD showed up in a total of 20 emails in February, for a total compensation of $1,126,500. The earliest emails are from February 19th, clearly reflected in the graph, and despite the new messages, selling follows quickly. Currently, WILD is 50% below the highest peak of the promotion, but with volumes so low in the past, it is unknown what could happen if another mail riled up investors. SRBL0228.png

The company itself sent out a press release at the beginning of the week, announcing it purchased the toy assets of Crescent Moon Holding, LLC, thus acquiring several well-known brands of toys. Whether WILD will be able to continue reaping benefits from the business is unknown, as buying proven assets has been its mode of operation in the past, and so far this has yielded little results.

Other pumpers that received even larger compensation than Club Penny Stocks include The Stock Brainiac and Premier Equity Reports. Those pumpers have a past record of causing dramatic movements in their selected stocks, inflating the values by inviting investors through emails. As usual, the last email of the promotion marks the end of the stock's climb, and losses sometimes are more than 90% of the previous value.

A previous pick of Stock Brainiac, Crown Marketing (OTC:CWNM) is steadily down by 50%. Club Penny Stocks gave up on Great American Energy, Inc. (OTC:SRBL) to pursue WILD, and now SRBL trades down 30%. It is best to estimate if you can absorb losses of this magnitude or greater before going for promoted tickers.

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