Violeta Slavtchevska

Global Holdings, Inc. (PINK:GOHG) Gets a Massive Promo Campaign

by Violeta Slavtchevska April 26, 2011
Global Holdings, Inc. (PINK:GOHG, GOHG message board) accumulated volume last week, but on Wednesday evening it looked like the real explosion of the share price and the volume was yet to come. A $110,000 promotional campaign for GOHG took place and shot the share price above the February resistance. GOHG.png

In the last trading session GOHG lost the promotional gains and closed 17.24% down at $0.0024 for a share. The promotional e-mails were sent last Wednesday evening and as seen on the chart hit the market on Thursday for a record volume. The disclaimer of one of the e-mails says that the above mentioned huge budget is just for a one-day investor awareness campaign.

Promoters presents Global Holdings as a provider of Internet protocol based security services, though no hard evidence of that can be found currently, not counting the company's abundant press releases.

Last Monday, the latest SEC filing of GOHG states that the company has been suspended from its duty to file quarterly and annually financial reports. Thus, GOHG trades currently in the OTC Pink Limited Information tier and its latest available financial report is for the quarter ended September 2010.Global_Holdings.jpg

As of that date, the company did not have any cash or any other assets, while its liabilities exceeded $102,000. Further, the report does not mention if Global Holding has or has ever had any operations at all, or any idea about its future. Statements like "We do not anticipate the purchase or sale of any significant equipment." and "We also do not expect any significant additions to the number of employees." imply that GOHG currently does not even think of doing any business.

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