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Amanasu Technologies Corp. (OTCMKTS:ANSU) Bounce Back Up

by Georgi Kamburov August 15, 2013
3ANSUchart.pngAmanasu Technologies Corp. (OTCMKTS:ANSU) had a remarkable run on its very first day of active trading two weeks ago. The stock simply exploded on a volume of 3 million traded shares and skyrocketed from as low as $0.028 to $0.30. Boosted by a slew of promoters the amazing climb continued further up and three sessions later they were sitting at $1.8.

Although none of the involved newsletters disclosed receiving any kind of paid compensation the effects of the campaign cannot be denied. Many of them can now boast having such an incredible performance as part of their track record. Unfortunately for investors who believed all the artificial hype as soon as the pumpers moved on ANSU entered a state of free fall and has by now lost 80% of its value returning to $0.30.

Now, a day after the financial report for the second quarter of 2013 was filed the company showed that it is still capable of sudden and impressive jumps up the chart. Posting a 70% gains yesterday the stock is currently priced at a little more than half a dollar and many investors are showing renewed optimism. But can a continued upwards trend be supported without any help from promoters when ANSU's fundamentals consist of:

  • $45 thousand cash
  • $48 thousand total assets
  • $373 thousand total current liabilities
  • ZERO revenues
  • $18 thousand net loss

The cash reserves have seen some improvementd due to the sale of 50 thousand shares for an aggregate amount of $50 thousand but everything else is still in a dismal state. The negative working capital, increased net loss and accrued deficit of $1.7 million are only getting worse. They have a business plan but no real progress has been made. And we will leave it up to you to decide how realistic their intention to be uplisted to NASDAQ really is when in order to do so ANSU needs to acquire the meager sum of just $30 million.

For now they remain a hype-driven play with a grossly overvalued market cap of $24 million. If yesterday's bounce turns out to 6BLUFchart.pngbe more than a one-day jump remains to be seen.

For the first time in the last couple of months Xumanii, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XUII, XUII message board) were left out of the top 10 most traded stocks. It was already impressive that they remained up there for a whole week without any touts form Awesome Penny Stocks and no PR articles. Bluforest, Inc. (OTCMKTS:BLUF) dropped for a third consecutive session losing another 14% to stop at $1.2. This negative trend is happening amidst a growing promotional campaign with new pumpers joining in regularly.

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