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The Pump for Nouveau Holdings, Ltd. (OTCMKTS:NHLI) f/k/a Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc. Continues

by Georgi Kamburov September 11, 2013
NHLIchart.pngThe company Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc. decided that the time to cut their losses has come and quit the mining business altogether. They quickly filed for a name and ticker change and on May 3 started fresh as the new Nouveau Holdings, Ltd. (OTCMKTS:NHLI, NHLI message board).

In a classic pump fashion the radical change in business was also accompanied by a 1-for-800 reverse stock split. It seems that the company is quite fond of reverse splits doing one every couple of years - a modest 1-for-20 in 2008 and the massive 1-for-10000 in 2011. The latest one brought the outstanding amount of common shares to exactly 209 506.

Then NHLI decided to join the online gaming industry by signing an agreement with B3SQUARE1 LLC. On July 31 and launching their first game a month later. Still the market for the most part completely ignored the company and the ticker barely registered any trades.

All that changed this Monday when the pump officially began and email alerts started flying around. For just two days we have received more than 20 different touts from all sorts of newsletter. StockMister got the biggest payment disclosing $100 thousand for just 1 day of promotional services. The affiliates of Rising Penny Stocks - Liquid Tycoon, Penny Stock Pick Alerts and SuperHotPennyStocks pocketed $75 thousand. The latest addition to the campaign was David Cohen through his Research Driven Investor for $25 thousand.

With all this commotion created around the stock it skyrocketed on Monday by the whopping 179% on an volume of 4.7 million shares. NHLI must have been issuing some quite serious numbers of shares when as we said 4 months earlier they had only 200 thousand outstanding shares. But that isn't even the biggest red flag around them. As of July 30 when they filed the latest quarterly report their fundamentals were:

  • $318 cash and total current assets
  • $679 thousand total liabilities
  • ZERO revenues
  • $56 thousand net loss

They also have an accumulated deficit of more than $3 million since their inception. In 2012 The Good One Inc., a company Spectrum Acquisitions had numerous dealings with, was charged in a $35 million International Boiler Room scheme by the SEC.

WTERchart1.pngBe especially careful when dealing with NHLI. The stock has already shown signs of faltering when yesterday they closed at $0.29, below the opening price of $0.31.

Another pumped company Amarium Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS:AMMG) continued climbing by adding another 9% and closing at $0.579. The Alkaline Water Co, Inc. (OTCBB:WTER) whose respected promo campaign allegedly has a budget of $3 million is getting closer and closer to the $1 dollar mark after closing at $0.91 yesterday on a record volume of 3.6 million shares.

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1. Guest
May 27, 2015, 10:46AM

Quotes Seems like Nouveau are up to the same old tricks under their new name. Has the GOVERNMENT no shame in allowing companies like this to exist or does it simply not care

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