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NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NTEK) Aiming For The $0.10 Per Share Mark

by Borislav Tonev September 19, 2013
5NTEK.pngThe optimism spurring out of NanoTech Entertainment, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NTEK, NTEK message board)'s recent press releases is truly amazing. We last wrote about them less than a week ago and since then, they have managed to release not one, not two, but three pieces of news. And don't they all paint a very bright picture about the future?

First, on September 13, just minutes after our latest article was published, NTEK announced that they are going to broadcast an on-stage interview with world-famous rock stars Metallica in which some details around the long-awaited motion picture dedicated to the band will be given. We flicked through the interview and we saw that it's nothing more than a questions-and-answers session, but still, having the name of a small cap venture next to the rock music legend that is Metallica is definitely bound to boost the confidence in investors.

Yesterday, just minutes before the opening bell, they announced the grand opening of new research and development facilities near Boston. The address of the new office is not mentioned but they do say that the Communications part of the team will be relocated to the new East Coast headquarters and, typically for NTEK, they also said that some very cool mobile applications are about to be launched.

Yet another announcement was made today when they said that they are going to be partnering with Global Outdoor Concepts (GOC), a company that provides high end, weather-resistant TV sets for outdoor use. The partnership involves NTEK sending GOC some Nuvola media players so that GOC can showcase the abilities of their new 4K TV sets at the Cedia Expo in Denver which should take place next week.

So, it would appear that the 4K revolutionary media players are ready and yet, when you go to Nuvola's website, you'll see that you can't buy them. You can get a product from the Nuvola line but it's the NP-H1 and, as we wrote in our previous article, far from being a revolutionary streaming media player, it's simply a powerful computer packed into a tiny box. While people still seem to be mightily optimistic about the future, they'll probably start wondering what's happening to the NP1 (the sub-$300 ultra-HD media player that everyone's talking about) soon.

Unfortunately, if that happens, it won't be the first time NTEK have brought in some disappointment. As we mentioned last week, they claimed that the Nuvola products will be available for sale on Amazon by August. At the moment, however, the list of NTEK-branded products contains no ultra-HD gizmos whatsoever. We also have yet to hear about the retail store that was promised in July.

4NTEK_logo.gifDespite all this, support from the shareholders is quite strong. It might be because of the latest financial report which showed signs of real progress, or it might be due to something else, but whatever the cause, safe for a few hesitations here and there, the ticker is moving in the right direction. If NTEK manage to deliver on their promises from now on, the trend should continue. Keep in mind, however, that even a minor set back could hurt the value by quite a bit.

Other notable movers during yesterday's session were Decision Diagnostics Corp. (OTCBB:DECN) who seem to be on something of a winning spree (this time without the help of the paid pumpers) and Media Analytics Corp (OTCBB:MEDA), who registered their second green session in a row. MEDA's shares, however, are featured in a $3.8 million pump which makes the future movement quite uncertain.

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