Martinas B.

St Online Corp goes up 43%

by Martinas B. February 20, 2007
ST ONLINE CORP. (OTCBB: STOI) is a Canadian based company selling tennis lesson video clips. Clips are downloadable to the customer's personal computer and may be viewed as often as the customer likes. This Company has still not generated significant revenue. In fact for the year ended September 30th the company had only $229 in revenue. (That is $229 as in enough money to buy some groceries). Possibly the stock is up because today they announced revenue for the most recent quarter was $4. The Company has a working capital deficit of $8,333 (September 30, 2006) and from it‘s establishing has spent $138,662.

They say: "We believe that we will be able to raise some funds to stay in operation. If we do not raise sufficient funds our business will fail."

Despite their lack of an actual business the price of their stock increased rapidly. It could be because they launched their upgraded website, in couple of days the price of the stock jumped more than 43%, up to the price of $1.22.

The highest it ever was is $2.50.
Their website has an alexa rank lower than 700,000 this would suggest that they have no more than 1000 visitors per day to their site. Also their Google pagerank comes in quite low with a score of 3 out of 10. Their website has a forum, but the last posting activity was 16 days ago.

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