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MedLink OTCBB MLKNA Joint Venture (Nothing Plus Nothing Equals Nothing)

by Martinas B. March 30, 2007
mlknp.jpgIt was announced that MedLink International, Inc. (OTCBB: MLKNA) is collaborating with DynaTek Media Corporation to create MedLinkTV. The purpose of this project is to deliver content and advertising to a digital screen network in the waiting rooms of physician offices and outpatient clinics. And check this out Medlink (OTCBB:MLKNA) stocks recently jumped 60% (of course it had better times before).
Why are we so negative on this otherwise fantastic sounding joint venture? It is about money. This company has only $13,000 dollars in the bank, and that is not 13 million that is 13 thousand. They have about 500,000 in debt, and the expense of being public.
This joint venture better come with a big payment from their partner or it will certainly go nowhere. We went looking for an 8-k but there was none to be found which tells us no payment.
Without upfront money this is just hype on a company with less money in the bank than my gardener.

NOTE...There is a new follow up story on this article here:  MLKNA  Stock  OTCBB

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