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QPC Lasers, Inc (OTCBB: QPCI) Stock Gets Dirty

by Martinas B. July 28, 2008
qpc_lasers.jpgSpam emails promoting QPC Lasers, Inc (OTCBB: QPCI) stock have been showing up recently. Let's take a closer look at this company.

It seems that the company had a busy July, as I counted eight announcements from the company's camp. Could it be related with the spam campaign in some way? Interestingly, the company did not issue any formal statement regarding its stock spam.

laser.jpgOkay, let's get back to the business. So the company develops high brightness, high power semiconductor chip-based lasers. Have a look at on of the company's products (pictured). The company has won a couple of important deals during July. The first deal is worth of about $3.5 million and was announced at the start of July. More recently, the company announced it's progress regarding a massive $12 million Laser TV contract.

This deal is obviously massive. The agreement with a major Asian manufacturer of consumer electronics could mean a great chance for investors to get on board. According to the forecasts, it has a potential value of up to $230 million over the 10 year term of the contract.

QPCI has attracted spammers' attention

Last Wednesday, RedChip, small-cap research and financial public relations firm issued a statement branding 'QPCI a 'Speculative Buy' rating and a 12-month target price of $1.17.'

At 2:03PM ET QPCI stock was trading at a price of $0.36.

Everything seems to be great with the company. Except one thing - and that is the spam campaign. The stock indeed looks like an attractive investment; however there is no point to start playing with the spammers.


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