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Edgetech's (PinkSheets: EGIL) Spam

by Martinas B. July 31, 2008
egil_logo.gifEdgetech's (PinkSheets: EGIL) stock has recently been promoted on spam emails around the world. Let's find out what this company has been up to?

There isn't much information about the company on the web or maybe my 'googling' knowledge isn't that great. So what I managed to find out, is that the company is developing a handheld device that allows one surf the net. As the company states, it's 'the world's fastest handheld internet access device.' Well, I wish I had a chance to try it out. But, today I can only doubt this statement. If anyone here has ever tried this device - please write a few words in the comments box about your experience.

According to the company, this tiny device is the fastest tool to surf the net. And it's handheld!

Edgetech has recently made a public statement. Well, it was rather a self-promotion statement with lots of too good to be true words, but nonetheless the company was happy with recent developments, so they said. According to the announcement, the company said, it has finished the process of producing custom branded units, which will allow the Edgetech to team-up with web based solution providers.


The company's stock seems to be heading down. Though, back before 2008 the company's stock saw a massive spike and shot from $0.10 barrier to $0.40.

Edgetech CEO Lev Parnas said a few words: "These enhancements position the company to produce new revenue streams, enable new partnerships and capabilities as well as enhance our user's experience. This is a total win/win situation."

It seems that Edgetch CEO has lots of optimism building-up his empire. But we don't need these nice words, we need hard facts and figures!


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