Martinas B.

Googlicious!! Can google his $765 in 2007

by Martinas B. April 20, 2007
I know this site is supposed to be about pennystocks and google is far from it at almost $500 per share. But we must comment on this unstoppable Juggernaut. Last quarter's earnings were amazing! We think this stock can hit $700 or higher. $600 should not be a problem

Just look at last quarters blowout earnings of 3.68 per share before items. Those numbers are way above expectations. But why is this so huge?
Now all of the estimates need another upward revision I think 2007 estimates can end up looking like this

q1 (actual) q2 q3 q4 YEAR
3.68 3.75 3.90 4.00 $15.33

Google is worth a substantial market premium 50x earnings
50x $15.33 = $765 per share

And yes we own shares in Google, and even bought more today following this announcement

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