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Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation (OTCMKTS:HJOE)'s Keeps Pushing Upwards

by Dragni Dragnev May 20, 2015

Hangover Joe's Holding Corporation (OTCMKTS:HJOE, HJOE message board) soared another 17.14% yesterday, as another round of irrelevant PR hit the web.

The ticker was already headed up on considerable volume, so it would probably be safe to bet that the announcement, with its malformed sentences, did little to hasten its ascent.

Still, although said ascent once more seems unstoppable, investors would be wise to remain vigilant and wary of HJOE. Why?

Anyone who's ever done due diligence on HJOE knows why caution and alertness is paramount when dealing with this ticker. Even superficial research reveals some pretty horrifying facts about the company.

Like the fact that it is woefully overdue on its latest financial reports, that it consistently keeps missing deadlines, and the last time it reported, it had just:

  • Cash - $48 thousand
  • Current Liabilities - $2.8 million
  • Quarterly Revenues - $48 thousand
  • Quarterly net Loss - $592 thousand

And if the picture wasn't bleak enough already, one look at the company's share structure certainly makes it appear so. Suffice it to say that HJOE's common stock count has ballooned from around 208 million on Oct. 06, 2014 to well over 1.7 billion about a month and a half ago.

Investors may want to keep all these disturbing facts in mind when considering HJOE.

Another OTC Markets company that exploded up the charts yesterday in spite of its meager achievements as of late is Lifelogger Technologies Corp. (OTCMKTS:LOGG), who made it 42.51% up the charts in that session alone.

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