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Thinspace Technology Inc (OTCMKTS:THNS) Refuses To Move In The Right Direction

by Georgi Kamburov July 24, 2015

Yesterday Thinspace Technology Inc (OTCMKTS:THNS, THNS message board) issued a new PR announcing that they have increased their customer base in South America. The company, alongside their strategic partner Tecnosys, has signed two government contracts in Peru with the ANA (National Water Administration) and Sedapal (Water Supply for Lima City).

A new round of pump emails sent out prior to the start of yesterday’s session brought further attention towards the stock and as a result of the positive PR and the pump hype THNS opened with a significant gap up at$0.0062. The excitement disappeared almost immediately however and all of the gains were rapidly obliterated. At least the ticker avoided incurring any losses by closing flat at $0.005. But why is the stock unable to sustain any upwards movement?

Compared to the majority of the other pennystocks THNS are capable of generating quite respectable revenues finishing the first quarter of the year with $790 thousand in revenues up from $784 thousand for the same period last year. The problem is that the rest of the balance sheet  for the period isn’t even remotely as encouraging:

• cash: $166 thousand
• current assets: $785 thousand
• current liabilities: $15.7 million
• quarterly net loss: $272 thousand

The depressing performance of the ticker could also be attributed to the still active paid promotion. At the start of 2015 when the pump began THNS were sitting at around 18 cents per share. Although nearly 170 email alerts have been sent since then the company has wiped more than 97% of its value.

Despite the catastrophic drop, as we said, more and more pump newsletters are joining the campaign. Yesterday the Stock Commander, Able Traders, and the various affiliates of MJ Capital tried to create as much artificial hype as possible. For their services they bagged compensations ranging from $2000 to $8500.

The continued efforts to lift the stock through pumps could mean that more discounted shares may have been issued as a conversion of debt. At the end of March THNS had a sizable amount of debt that could be converted into shares at a 30% to 60% discount. Keep in mind that according to the OTCMarkets profile of the company as of May 12 THNS had 104.5 million outstanding shares and a float of just 26.9 million. On June 26, however, the company registered a daily volume of close to 114.2 million shares.

The possible dilution and the non-stop pumping could continue to depress the stock. That is why any trades involving the ticker should be attempted only after doing extensive due diligence. 

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